Piper's Birth

I arrived about 10:50am at their home, and as I took my shoes off, I saw Heather in the back room, sat in her pool, in deep concentration on breathing through what would be one of her final contractions. Not wanting to disturb her, I went into the kitchen to greet Beth (her midwife for all 4 of her babies!) and tried to get a sense of the sort of volume we should be talking at, so we didn't disturb labouring mama. Once I realized that her contraction had passed, I went and greeted Heather and her husband Chet, and began photographing. 15 minutes later, Heather ever-so gracefully and gently brought her little girl Earthside.
After Heather and Piper were assessed and had time to settle, her three big brothers came home from grandma's to meet her. I was thinking the whole time I was photographing, "What a lucky little girl, to be born into such a beautiful family with three adoring big brothers!" (even though they renamed her something along the lines of 'poopy head').

I will be forever grateful for having had the opportunity to witness the calm that was Piper's birth, and also witness the humungous love that her family has for her and for each other. 

Here are a handful of photos that I got to capture.